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Hi, it's Rachel //

I'm a multidisciplinary designer, sketcher, and builder of  interfaces, tools, systems, and experiences.

Curiosity Driven

I'm deeply inquisitive and not afraid of diving into the ambiguity, playing with ideas, and asking really complex questions.

Knowledge Translator

I'm invested in translating and communicating knowledge across disciplines, audience, & technical boundaries.

Future Oriented

I believe in the power of speculative design  to connect future visions into something that contributes to today.

Featured Projects //


Blue Ceramics
Getting my hand dirty building ecological interventions for seagrass restoration with the Morphing Matter Lab at CMU
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Time [IN]material
Exploring time and memory to build a smart device that personalizes public spaces through “spatial memories”
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Designing Human-AI collaboration guidelines for social platforms to fight misinformation with the government


Calendly - Marketing Site
Strategizing collaboration, illustration, and user experience on Calendly's marketing site at their first visual designer
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Axiom - Design System
Launching a scenario-driven design system to help scale design efforts across marketing, design, and engineering.
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Designed by Rachel Arredondo