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About //

A planner with an aesthetic sense, I design for the future that I want to exist.*

Previously //

Otherwise //

Speaking & Workshops //

Nature Centered Design  (2021)
Morphing Matter Lab, Pittsburgh (hybrid)

Envisioning New Futuring Models (2021)
IASDR, Hong Kong (remote)

Reimagining the Futures Cone (2021)
RSD10 Symposium, TU Delft Netherlands (remote)

Design methods for creating long-term visions (2021)
Pittsburgh Racial Justice Summit, Pittsburgh (remote)

Imagining Racially Just Futures (2020)
Carnegie Mellon HCII Anti-Bias Learning Committee, Pittsburgh

Ceramics x Product Design - Parallel Crafts (2019)
AMUX (Morning UX Meetup), Atlanta

Education //

Masters in Human Computer Interaction
Carnegie Mellon University

Bachelor of Arts in Digital Production Art and Professional Writing
University of North Carolina Wilmington

*It's a paraphrased, mixed quote by Bruno Munari and Alan Kay, respectively.
"A designer is a planner with an aesthetic sense." - Bruno Munari, Design as Art
"the future’s there for us to shape — we’re not helpless." - Alan Kay, Learning vs. Teaching with Educational Technologies

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