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data visualization

seasonal affective display

Using a Particle Photon, I gathered temperature and light data to visualize how the seasons affect mood over time. The data is displayed using p5.js hosted on a React app. The wave formation, speed, direction, size, are determined by the temperature sensor. The color of the dots and background are determined by the light sensor.


smart environments

memory portal

Memory Portal explores how the “spatial memories” created by the occupants of shared spaces can build a deeper connections to how they and others experience the space. We prototyped new ways of using data collected by remote sensors to resurface and materialize interactions lost to time.

read the chi 2022 paper → (soon)


ambient computing

parallel chime

Parallel Chime explores how connected objects can be used to create ambient, shared connection between people and spaces. By using everyday, analog objects and imbuing them with personal and spacial meaning. This can open up the space for more natural, low attention interactions between two people in parallel spaces. Instead of directly sending messages Parallel Chime creates ambient, embedded ways to stay connected by the natural movements of our lives.

quick react apps

the thing from the future

I developed an online version (with permission) of Stuart Candy's "The Thing from the Future" card game. We used this as part of remote workshops to generate random prompts for envisioning alternative futures.


team tmi

I worked with Kylon Chiang to design and develop a website for our masters capstone project to ensure that the guidelines, interactie prototype, and research report can be publicly accessed.


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