"Personal listening histories lack the material presence that might enable people to casually engage with them in daily life."

The human brain does not construct memory and remembrance linearly or sequentially. Everything is a metaphor connected to another metaphor. Any memory is an intangible experience. Something you can't put your finger on, existing undefined at the edges of your consciousness. The more you try and define it the more you destroy it, layering over current experiences, until all thats left is the memory of the memory. This has been explored at depth in literature, cognitive psychology, philosophy, pop culture, and various other mediums.

And now this radio.

"...to catalyze a range of experiences that can evolve as one develops a sensibility."

What appeals to me about this radio is that it's almost as if you are putting a knob on your memory. Exploring time both linearly but also "perpendicularly" across time periods. This isn't a way of thinking that is natural (sample size: me). Plotting connections between time and memory in a way that forms new associations and remembrances. Memories that don't rewrite but strengthen the power of the connection between your felt experience in the present and your memory of the past.

Of course, I am basing this off a few quotes by a small, niche study size, but I find myself wanting this radio nonetheless.