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Welcome to the studio //

This is where I’m playing with code, connecting wind chimes to the cloud, speculating on how we build our technology and how it builds us...

Speculative //

"Family Tree"


Prototyping a speculative conversational interface to explore how family oral storytelling might be passed through generations with technology
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Rethinking how causal AI might be used for adaptive policy-making to centers the voices of communities for the World Economic Forum
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Project ACORN


Building nuanced ethnographic experiential futures on the tension between green living and tech elitism
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Code //

Parallel Chime

Connecting wind chimes to the cloud to create parallel spaces with Particle + PIR sensors
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Seasonal Affective Display

Visualizing how the seasons affect mood over time with sensors + P5.js
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Thing from the Future

Randomly generating prompts from the "The Thing from the Future" game, an open source tool for futures workshops
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